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Description:Tier 1 Accessory rail kit includes slide rail and bottom rail. The side rail allows to connect more flashlights, lasers, micro mirrors, red dot mirrors and iron mirrors...etc. The bottom rail replaces the original bipod, allowing the shooter to choose the bipod that suits him.For: For Sn..
Tier1 RPG Grenade Launcher РПГ-7 Tier1 RPG Grenade Launcher РПГ-7
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Description:Tier1 RPG Grenade Launcher РПГ-7Full metal construction from front to backImitation wood grip panels and REAL Wood cover on rear sectionHigh strength polymer mock RPG warhead (40mm grenade shell is housed within the RPG warhead)Fits most 40mm grenade shellsAdjustable front and rear sight..
USD$299.00 USD$375.00
Description:The"RP-1" designed to simplify reloading, it's increase the standard shutter handle and this improving the ergonomics of the weapon. ..
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